Introduction to MagnaBoard®


The discovery of MagnaBoard® (Magnesium Oxide Board), is changing the building industry around the world. MagnaBoard® is used extensively in Asia, The Far East, Europe, USA and North Africa. By introducing and distributing MagnaBoards in South Africa, there will be huge advantages to the building industry.

Uses of magnesium oxide board

  • Dry walling

  • Ceilings

  • Soffits

  • Fascias

  • Eaves

  • Skirtings

  • Flooring bases (instead of marine ply and shutter board)

  • On door faces

  • Cladding of interior and exterior walls instead of plastering the walls (the finishes will be far better than plastering and skimming and will save on time and labour)

  • On the exterior as a wall structure

  • Magnesium oxide boards are used in America for the construction of homes in hurricane areas and have a rating to withstand these storms.

  • For low-cost housing - quick construction and cost-effective.

Magnesium oxide board can be used for:

  • ​Houses - MagnaBoard has been used in high-end homes, due to the achievement of a level 5 finish

  • Low-cost housing

  • Commercial buildings

  • Hotels and convention centres

  • Factories and warehouses

  • Hospitals

  • Theatres

  • Stations.

Ease of installation

MagnaBoard is quick and easy to install and will shorten the time on a project. For incredibly fast dry wall boarding, it can be installed and painted within hours using fast setting fillers trimmed with a sharp blade (reducing sandpaper and sanding). Fillers can be cut flush without a tape over the panel joints and without needing a corner-bead, metal trims, etc.

Magnesium oxide board Characteristics

  • Magnesium oxide (MGO) board is fire resistant; it has a zero flame spread and smoke developed rating.

  • MGO board is impervious to water; when submerged for extended periods of time it experiences no dimensional changes.

  • As boards it is mould and mildew resistant.

  • MagnaBoard has no chemicals in its formula; some of the ingredients are found in vitamins and minerals we take every day.

  • It has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation qualities.

  • MagnaBoard is both Eco-friendly and a Green Building Product and the manufacturing process is also eco friendly.

  • MGO board is 100% recyclable.

  • MGO board has good weatherability characteristics; it has been subjected to some of the toughest testing conducted on building materials today and has passed with good results.

  • Magnesium oxide board is very stable; when subjected to temperature changes, it does not expand or contract much.

  • MagnaBoard is impervious to insects including termites and sugar ants.

  • MagnaBoard has excellent strength characteristics.

  • Using MagnaBoard will save substantially on labour and material costs and duration of projects due to the ease of application.

  • MagnaBoard is non-toxic, free of carcinogens and contains no silica.





Magnastruct provides a new and revolutionary building board that is green and environmentally-friendly, and still surpasses latest technical reforms and product innovations in the market. Magnastruct will never use a raw material that is known to be harmful, such as asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene etc., as Magnastruct recognises the importance of protecting resources and the environment we are living in. MagnaBoard is made from natural materials.

MagnaBoard® is a “low tech” and “energy friendly” product. As mentioned before it is non-toxic. CO² is high on the list of “greenhouse” gases, which are said to contribute to the global warming phenomenon. MagnaBoard production is simple, energy efficient, and produces extremely few “greenhouse” gases. This aspect of MagnaBoard, from the stand point of being a ‘green’/eco-friendly product, indicates that MagnaBoard has a bright future. Literally billions of dollars are spent every year as a result of damage caused by: fire, water, insects, mould and mildew and toxins polluting our environment and causing illnesses and deaths because of the use of certain building products as noted above, but MagnaBoard eliminates these problems. As mentioned the manufacturing process of MagnaBoard is eco friendly. Unlike, for example, the gypsum based drywalls that produce thousands of tons of green house gases annually in the manufacturing and drying process; MagnaBoard is naturally dried and cured with no chemicals or heating, eliminating the power intensive drying process.


Magnesium Oxide, the main ingredient in the boards covers over 8% of the earth’s surface so the product is very sustainable too.

Composition of Magnesium oxide board

  1. Facial surface layer

  2. Non-woven cloth layer

  3. Filler layer (magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, saw dust and perlite)

  4. Fibreglass net layer

  5. Filler layer on the inner side

Fireproof / Non-combustible

MagnaBoard maintains structural integrity and produces no smoke when exposed to fire, even for a prolonged period of time. Ideal for use in high fire risk areas such as petrol stations or fuel depots, or in any public areas as a passive fire protection method.

Impervious to water

MagnaBoard maintains structural integrity when exposed to wet conditions, even for a prolonged period of time Ideal for use in damp or wet conditions e.g. bathrooms, steamrooms, yachts, etc. Excellent for external cladding.

Mould / Mildew Resistant

MagnaBoard does not facilitate or enable the growth of mould or mildew Ideal for use in areas where mould or mildew is prevalent, as a means of eradication and prevention, for example in bathrooms or structures in humid climates.

Good Acoustic Insulation

MagnaBoard substantially inhibits the transfer of sound through the board Ideal for use in areas where noise reduction is a priority, such as meeting rooms, cinemas, theatres, shopping malls and hospitals.

Good Heat Insulation

MagnaBoard substantially inhibits the transfer of heat through the board Ideal for applications that require a substantial reduction of heat transfer, such as exterior walls, etc.

Environmentally Friendly / “Green”

MagnaBoard helps reduce the negative impact on the global environment, due to low CO² emissions, no industrial processing and low pH Level. MagnaBoard is 70% more energy efficient to produce than either fibre-cement board or gypsum based products.

High-impact Resistant

MagnaBoard is both shockproof and dentproof and is thus very durable MagnaBoard adds structural strength to construction projects, making it more than just a cladding or partitioning material.


MagnaBoard does not facilitate bacterial or microbial growth on it and is asbestos free Ideal for use in hygienic environments such as hospitals, other medical facilities, as well as laboratories and x-ray facilities.

Ease of Installation

MagnaBoard can be easily cut with a circular saw or a jigsaw Reduces Installation time and effort and therefore reduces installation costs.

Dual Surfaced MagnaBoard has both smooth and rough surfaces, making it ideal for painting with little preparation on the smooth side or tiling the rough side Reduces construction time, thus saving money.

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